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FLOW Meditation Online

You’re a few clicks away from taking the first step towards a life of less grind and more flow.

Here's a quick summary of what you'll get:

  • 12 video lessons that will teach you, step-by-step, the practice of FLOW Meditation, plus breathwork, mindfulness and visualization exercises. It’s a full package of tools that you can use in your daily life.
  • An Experience Library of 35 short videos to help answer questions and explain the experiences you’re having on the course.
  • Access to our private FLOWtribe Facebook support community.
  • Regular bonus content including live coaching calls, guided meditations, and other tips and tools to nourish and deepen your practice.
  • Better sleep, without pills.
  • More clarity and energy.
  • Healthier, happier and more grounded.
  • Less likely to get angry at stuff that, frankly, isn’t worth it.
  • And more good stuff like that.

If you're ready to learn I'm ready to teach you. 

Let’s do this.

James Brown, Founder
FLOW Meditation

What People Are Saying:

“James' meditation practice is transformative. In just a matter of a few short weeks I feel, and other people notice, a newfound serenity about me. ”

Sarah Moody, CEO, Fab.cab

“James presented meditation in a very personal, no nonsense manner with loads of history and examples, and zero dogma and pretense. I can't recommend James highly enough or tell you how much I've enjoyed my meditation since taking his course.”

Court Crandall, Founder, Positivity Brands

“When I studied with James I’d been meditating with apps like Headspace for about two years, but something important was missing. Since transitioning my practice to the Flow method I’ve experienced a measurable reduction in feelings of exasperation and feel more balanced, present, connected and alive.”

Martin Tobias, CEO, Bulletproof Upgrade Labs

“James is a great teacher, a skillful communicator, and a voice of wisdom. His instruction is simple and clear, and after going through his four-session class I felt entirely able to continue the meditation journey on my own. I particularly liked the fact that his approach is jargon-free and unencumbered with religious belief or dogma: it’s just meditation, pure and simple. It’s been a great addition to my life. Thanks, James!”

Kirk Citron: Writer and Curator, thelongnow.org