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FLOW Meditation Online

By the end of this easy, enjoyable course you will graduate knowing how to mediate consistently and effectively, and will enjoy a fantastic program of free follow-up support to help ensure you enjoy all the benefits the flow from making meditation a habit. Thousands have already learned...why not you?


Start the program. If within 30 days you complete the first three lessons and find it’s not for you, or if you find my voice or face annoying (it happens), or if you just wake up in a state of enlightenment one morning and don’t need to continue I will happily issue a full refund. (But if you end up enlightened I might ask you to share the secret.)

What People Are Saying:

James' meditation practice is transformative. In just a matter of a few short weeks I feel, and other people notice, a newfound serenity about me.

Sarah Moody, CEO,

James presented meditation in a very personal, no nonsense manner with loads of history and examples, and zero dogma and pretense. I can't recommend James highly enough or tell you how much I've enjoyed my meditation since taking his course.

Court Crandall, Founder, Positivity Brands

When I studied with James I’d been meditating with apps like Headspace for about two years, but something important was missing. Since transitioning my practice to the Flow method I’ve experienced a measurable reduction in feelings of exasperation and feel more balanced, present, connected and alive.

Martin Tobias, CEO, Bulletproof Upgrade Labs

James is a great teacher, a skillful communicator, and a voice of wisdom. His instruction is simple and clear, and after going through his four-session class I felt entirely able to continue the meditation journey on my own. I particularly liked the fact that his approach is jargon-free and unencumbered with religious belief or dogma: it’s just meditation, pure and simple. It’s been a great addition to my life. Thanks, James!

Kirk Citron: Writer and Curator,