Introducing the
FLOW Mediation Hybrid Course

May 16 - June 3


This immersion course combines the best of both worlds: a series of weekly live sessions with a master teacher, combined with an accessible online learning platform so that you can enjoy step-by-step instruction at your own pace.

After running hybrid courses in companies over the last year with great results (it was LinkedIn’s highest-rated program in 2020) we’re happy to be offering this unique learning opportunity to the public.

Burt & Margo, Baltimore

"With a baby on the way and dealing with the stress of lockdown, we really needed to meditate and the FLOW hybrid course was just the ticket. The online course was very thorough and the live sessions were really helpful, both to help overcome obstacles and to keep us accountable and on track."

Jordi, London

"I enjoyed the hybrid approach with both live sessions to discuss questions with peers, as well as online modules that enable scheduling flexibility. I additionally enjoyed the highly approachable tone throughout the lessons with ample personal anecdotes to make meditation feel accessible."


  • Six live sessions with master teacher James Brown ($600 value)
  • 1-year access to the FLOW Meditation online program ($319 value)
  • Free follow-up support program.
  • Limited to 10 new students per course track.
  • 12 high-quality video lessons to teach you meditation, breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques.
  • An experience library with 35 short videos to answer questions and help validate the experiences you're having on the course. 
  • Extensive free follow-up support program to help keep you on track.
  • $399 course fee, only $80 more than the stand-alone online FLOW course.


  • Track 1 - Sundays @ 10-11am Pacific Time on May 16, 23 & 30
  • Track 2- Thursdays @ 6-7pm Pacific Time on May 20, 27 & June 3
  • You can switch between the two course tracks as needed for flexibility, or double up for extra support.
  • All sessions will be recorded and made available for review.

I think the hybrid approach is the perfect way to learn in these crazy COVID times. 

The online course is a great foundation from which to learn, at your own pace and in the safety of your home. And the weekly live sessions allow me to tailor the learning to the experiences you're having. It really is the best of both worlds. Hope you can join me, James



  • How to meditate easily and effectively, using a proper mantra, plus breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques to enhance your experience.
  • Why your mind is so busy and how to deal with all those thoughts.
  • How to handle noise and other interruptions.
  • How to sit comfortably without straining to hold a position.
  • How meditation impacts the brain and body and allows stress to be released.
  • Practical tips and tricks to make meditation a daily habit.
  • The mental and physical benefits of regular practice.


  • You've dabbled with different techniques and apps, but haven't found a way to make meditation stick.
  • You know meditation is good for you but are a total newbie.
  • You’re worried that your mind is too crazy to meditate…especially now.
  • You have an established practice but are interested in going deeper.
  • You think it would be fun to say "My meditation teacher is James Brown."


  • Free weekly group meditation / Q&A sessions
  • 16-week follow-up course with helpful tips and reminders
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Direct email support with your teacher

Anthea, San Francisco

"James is funny and easy going, teaches with heart, and makes it all about real life. Totally my kind of teacher. I was looking for a meditation technique that was practical and easy to do. It was a turbulent time in my life when I really needed some clarity...which I definitely got. I immediately took to the practice and have committed to it on a daily basis ever since."

Joao, Sao Paulo

"I liked that this type of meditation is a great fit for the type of work life we have now with COVID. I found the mix of live sessions and the step-by-step online instruction to be a great way to learn. I also really liked James's openness about the obstacles people have to overcome so that even the busiest of us can make meditation a habit. It sure worked for me!"

Want to learn more? Download and listen to the FLOW Meditation orientation talk.