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The training consists of 12 daily online video lessons that will teach you, in a step-by-step format, how to meditate and also how to enhance your practice with breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques. You take one lesson a day. Each lesson builds on the teachings from the previous lesson, so for best results you should take the lessons in order. After Lesson 4 you’ll also be asked to start doing short, easy homework meditations on your own. After you complete each lesson you’ll get an email the cues up the next one in the series. At the end of the 12-day program you’ll graduate with a robust daily practice that you can use, everyday for the rest of your life.

The 12 daily lessons are about a half hour each. Starting with Lesson 4 you’ll also be asked to do a short 10 to 15-minute homework meditation (because you have to learn to start doing it on your own right?), and there’s also a really great 18-minute TED talk I’ll have you watch after Lesson 6. In addition there is bonus content included on some of the Lessons if you want to go deeper.

The course was designed to take you, step-by-step, through the learning process, and it’s recommended that you take one lesson a day for 12 days. But if you need to take a break of a day or two between some of the lessons that’s totally fine. We understand how life gets. If you ever need to take a longer break you can always go back and repeat the last lesson or two before you stopped.

No. This is a very flexible program that was meant for real people with real schedules. That said, there are better times to do this training and we talk about that on the course.

You’ll have access to the course videos and other content for a year after purchase, and you can renew access for a small fee for another year. You'll also enjoy ongoing free support, including weekly group meditations, for as long as you wish.

Oh yes indeed. Follow-up is a huge part of what makes this program so successful. For a year after you start you’ll have access to our private Facebook community, FLOWtribe. It’s a great place to ask question, find an accountability buddy, and we’ll also be hosting live monthly coaching calls with James. (And if you’re not on Facebook don’t worry, we won’t leave you out in the cold.) There’s also a great follow-up course, delivered straight to your inbox, with content designed to both refresh and deepen your practice.


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