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I created this program to help you get out of your head and into the flow of life. It’s a powerful combination of meditation, breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques that will reduce the actual level of stress in your body so you can sleep better (without pills!), be more present and grounded, and better able to bring more of your best to more of your life. To live a life of what I call “everyday flow.”

"When I studied with James I’d been meditating with apps like Headspace for about two years, but something important was missing. Since transitioning my practice to the Flow method I’ve experienced a measurable reduction in feelings of exasperation and feel more balanced, present, connected and alive."

Martin Tobias - CEO, Bulletproof Upgrade Labs


The term flow is mostly used to describe peak experiences like when an athlete or artist is in the zone. And who doesn’t want more peak experiences? But what about the rest of life? What we call the daily grind? Does it have to be a grind? No, it doesn’t. It’s quite possible to be in a flow state when you’re having a conversation, or taking a walk, or chopping vegetables, or commuting to work, or sitting in a meeting or...well, whenever you’re doing whatever you’re doing. What’s the catch? You have to find a way to consistently deal with the giant, hypertensive elephant in the room: STRESS



Being stressed puts you in fight-or-flight mode, which is great if you’re fighting or running for your life. Those were pretty common flow states for prehistoric man. But the sad truth of modern life is we usually get stressed-out in situations that are far from life threatening. (Screaming at traffic, anyone?) Stress puts us in chronic threat-assessment mode, which means that we tend to over exaggerate the negative and overreact to situations – this is called “losing your sh*t” – when what life really needs is for us to be able to interact, to deal with a demanding situation in a way that’s helpful, not hurtful. 


Getting stressed now and then is annoying. Staying stressed is hazardous to your health. Scientists at Harvard, JAMA and other researchers estimate that chronic stress is either a cause or aggravating factor for over 80% of people suffering from physical and mental illness such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, insomnia, allergies, migraines, back pain, eczema and other skin issues, anxiety disorders, ADHD, suicide, depression, autoimmune disorders, ulcers, IBS...the list goes on and on.

But you don’t have to be a research scientist to know that angry, anxious and frazzled is no way to go through life. Good thing you don’t have to. The type of meditation you’ll learn on this course is the most powerful stress-relieving tool I’ve ever discovered. And when combined with the breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques you’ll also learn the impact is truly profound. That’s why Flow Meditators consistently report:

  • More energy and clarity
  • Better, deeper sleep
  • Less depression and anxiety
  • Feeling and looking younger
  • Fewer sick days
  • Better sex (yes, I said it)
  • Reduced use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Less road rage
  • An increased tendency to be happy for no reason


In twelve days you’ll graduate knowing how to meditate on your own, without needing to put on headphones, or flip open an app, or get yourself to a drop-in class, or to be guided by someone else’s voice. You can be your own guide. It’s a practice you can do anywhere you can sit comfortably and close your eyes. (And no, it doesn’t have to be dark or quiet.) It’s fantastic. Plus you’ll enjoy a robust program of follow-up support to help you make meditation stick as a daily habit. And on top of meditation you’ll also learn breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques that will enhance the impact meditation has on your life.



The Course - Consists of 12 high-quality video lessons, each about 30 minutes long. On some days there’s also bonus content to go deeper into some aspect of the lesson. The first 6 lessons teach you to meditate. Lessons 7-8 are about the benefits of meditation and how to make it a daily habit. Lessons 9-11 will teach you breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques you can use, both in and out of meditation, to experience less stress and more flow. You will have access to the course for a full year after you sign up, and can choose to extend that access for a small monthly fee if you want.

The Experience Library - For as long as you’re on the course you’ll also have access to an extensive library of short videos that will help answer questions you have so that you can understand and validate the experiences you’re having. There are over 30 videos in the library, and I’ll add more as needed so if you have a question or experience that’s not address just let me know.

Your Support Program - The goal of the course is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to be a self-sufficient meditator with a powerful daily practice you can use for the rest of your life. But that doesn’t mean you’re on your own...far from it. Here’s a quick summary of all the support you’ll receive:

    • Our private Facebook community – It’s a great forum to get answers, find an accountability buddy, and we’ll post videos, articles and other content that will help enrich your knowledge and experience. You’ll have access for one year from the date of purchase (unless you choose to extend).
    • Live monthly coaching calls - While you’re a member of the private Facebook group you’ll be able to join live calls where I’ll answer your questions and help overcome any obstacles that pop up. If you’re not on Facebook the coaching calls will be available to view afterwards.
    • Ongoing Education - Once you complete the online course you’ll start receiving a follow-up course, delivered straight to your inbox. The content includes reminders and expansions on key concepts from the course, along with videos instructing you in other techniques and guided meditations and visualizations to deepen your practice.
    • One-on-One Coaching - Sometimes there are things that come up at the intersection of meditation and life that you don’t want to talk about in a public setting. If that happens for you we can set up a private consult (separate fees apply) of either 30 or 60 minutes to work through it.




This might sound radical, but the whole point of the FLOW program isn’t so that you can become better at meditation. It’s so you can be better at life. It’s about investing around 2% of your day to uplevel the other 98%. Everyday it seems there’s a new scientific study out showing the physical and mental benefits of meditation. But I want to touch on a few that I’ve found have the most impact on how we show up in the world.

Better, Deeper Sleep

Sleep is our first line of defense against stress, but it’s also the first thing to be compromised by stress, which is why over 50% of adults suffer from insomnia. Happily, better sleep is usually one of the first benefits most people start to notice after learning to mediate.

Greater Creativity

When we’re in fight-or-flight mode we tend to second guess ourselves and our ability to embrace new and innovative ideas plummets. Meditation reduces stress and opens up circuits on the right side of the brain making it easier to generate innovative solutions.

Up Your Entrepreneurial Game

One of the most powerful benefits of daily meditation is that it helps us be more adaptable and resilient. We tend to lose our ability to lose it, especially in stressful, demanding situations. Like starting a company. Or selling one. 

Feel Younger & Live Longer

At UCSF they’ve been doing research on how stress increases the rate at which we age. Flow Meditation reduces stress and slows the rate of aging, allowing us to not just feel younger, but to actually be more vital and live longer.

Would you rather learn about the FLOW Meditation program by listening?

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or if you're just want to rest your eyes for a bit.

Listen to the FLOW Meditation Intro Talk

Better, Faster Decisions

Within just six weeks of learning meditators showed measurable increases in what’s called tripartite decision making, which is your ability to make accurate decisions, quickly, while under pressure. Which comes in pretty handy, if you’re a startup founder, a first-responder, or a first-time parent.

Increased Productivity

Stress diminishes our capacity to focus and resist distractions. So diminishing stress has to have to opposite effect. Which is probably why Aetna found that employees who meditated gained over an hour of productivity each week.

Less Depression & Anxiety

A staggering number of Americans take anti-anxiety meds and antidepressants. A recent study by JAMA found that meditation floods the brain with dopamine and serotonin, helping reduce symptoms about as effectively as medication.

Less Alcohol & Drug Use

When you’re less stressed there are simply have fewer nights when you say, “I really need a drink.” And so you have fewer drinks...or drugs, or whatever it is you do to take the edge off.


Over the years I’ve taught thousands of people to meditate, from busy CEOS to even busier single moms. From professional athletes to artists. From teenagers to one guy who, at 86, decided he wanted to “give it a try.” And I’ve taught at least a few hundred who assured me, in no uncertain terms, that they “couldn’t learn.” They all did. Why? Because Flow Meditation is the easiest, most accessible and enjoyable type of meditation I’ve ever tried. It’s based on an ancient Vedic practice that was developed, a couple thousand years before Buddhism, for what were called “householders.” Meaning people who lived in the real world, not monasteries. People will full, busy lives and hyperactive minds. People with jobs, stress, noise and interruptions. People with the joys and pressures of romantic relationships, and maybe even a kids or few. In other words it’s not for monks, it’s for you.


  1. You don’t have to struggle to clear your mind. Thoughts are not the enemy of meditation, they are an essential part of meditation. So in this practice you don’t concentrate or focus or try to control the mind. You’ll learn how to unlock a powerful truth: that your mind has the ability to settle, more deeply and more easily, when you learn how to get out of the way and stop trying so hard. 
  2. You don’t have to sit rigidly in an uncomfortable position. In Flow meditation you sit comfortably in a chair or on a couch or in bed, with back support. You allow yourself to relax. And if you’re uncomfortable, you can move. If you have an itch you can scratch it.
  3. It doesn’t take a long time to learn. By the end of the 8th lesson you’ll have learned how to meditate and be able to start doing it on your own. Then in lessons 9-12 we’ll build on that foundation to incorporate breathwork, mindfulness and visualization.
  4. It doesn’t take a long time to start working. People are usually surprised to discover they start experiencing benefits while still on the course. I’m not. It really does work.
  5. It’s not weird. The techniques you’ll learn are straightforward and taught using plain language and easily understood metaphors. There’s no chanting or incense, no special robes or alters, no fancy finger positions...nothing too woo-woo.  
  6. It’s not a religion. I’ve taught atheists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists...even a few priests, rabbis and nuns. What you’ll learn on the course isn’t in conflict with any religion or philosophy...unless you think that anything worth doing has to be hard.
  7. You don’t have to spend hours meditating. Nope, just 15-20 minutes twice a day is the prescription for maximum results. Because you don’t have all day to meditate, do you?
  8. It doesn’t have to quiet. This one is huge, especially for people who have dogs, roommates, kids and other noisy life forms nearby. Because if you have to ask the world to shut up so you can meditate...you won’t really be able to meditate.
  9. You’ll actually look forward to meditating. Hard as it may be to believe this practice of meditation is actually enjoyable. It’s a chance to switch off your devices, disconnect from social media and let go of the need to control everything. Plus it doesn’t hurt that you experience a state of rest that’s multiple times deeper than sleep, so that you emerge from your session re-energized and ready to go.
  10. Your partner/kids/coworkers will thank you. What the world needs most is for you to be the best version of you. For you to be present for whatever you do. That’s what meditation will give you...and them.
  11. You’ll have a lot of support. The goal of the course is to make you self-sufficient. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be abandoned. You’ll have tons of support from me and my team to answer your questions, offer tips and guidance, and you’ll receive regular bonus content in our private Facebook group and through email, all designed to help strengthen and deepen your practice.

Court Crandall, Founder, Positivity Brands

"James presented meditation in a very personal, no nonsense manner with loads of history and examples, and zero dogma and pretense. I can't recommend James highly enough or tell you how much I've enjoyed my meditation since taking his course."

Lauren Adler, Attorney, Adler Giersch

"This meditation practice has been such a game changer for me. It is a practice of ease and flow, and the effect is feeling more easeful and flowy, even when real life is just..real. I am simply less anxious and more calm now, in nearly all situations.  Quite amazing. Very powerful stuff."

Tim Brunelle, Director of Content & Production, Land O’Lakes

"James offers an easy-going, non-judging path into the benefits of meditation. James uses realistic, familiar language and a witty technique to introduce and integrate the practice into modern life."

Mike McCloskey, Bar Owner

"It's been 4 weeks since finishing my course with James and I've been meditating twice a day for 20 minutes each time. And I haven't taken any sleeping pills since, the first time in 10+ years I haven't needed them to sleep!"


This is the part where I talk about myself. And I’ll start by saying it still seems a little weird that I’m considered one of the world’s leading experts on this Flow approach to meditation. Odd that I’ve been invited to teach at some of the world’s coolest conferences, and in some of the best and most innovative companies. Remarkable that I’ve taught thousands of people to meditate. Because in many ways I’m the least likely person to be teaching meditation...because I used to be totally convinced that I couldn’t meditate, that my mind and my life were just too crazy. And yet, here I am.

What changed the game for me is what can change it for you: finding a practice you can stick with, and a teacher you click with. And while I believe anyone can learn this type of meditation, and the other techniques that are part of the program, I’m certainly not the right teacher for everybody.

To start with I’m not the world’s most overtly spiritual guy. Definitely not woo-woo...although at this point I’m probably what you might call “semi-woo.” Growing up I was a science geek, with an interest in physics and biology. And I somehow ended up becoming a Creative Director in the high-stress world of advertising. I was good at that job, but I’m better at teaching mediation. Because this - sharing these simple, powerful and transformative techniques with people like you - this is my calling.

If you choose to sign up it will be my absolute honor to share this knowledge with you.

With love, James Brown

ps: Yes, I’ve heard that it’s cool to be able to say “James Brown is my meditation teacher.”


Tessa White, Blogger, Triathlete, Mom

"James’s teaching is simple and practical, his language is relatable and his approach is immediately doable. After just my first session I walked out on Cloud 9 knowing I had finally found my way and could take it forward with me for the rest of my life."

Nils Vinje, Glide Consulting

“I have been diligently meditating 2x a day for 20 minutes for 100+ days since taking James’s course and have seen amazing benefits, most notably that I no longer have the urge to drink alcohol. I believe this is due to connecting to my deeper self through meditation. the "escape and numbness" I was seeking with alcohol is now pretty much gone.”

Catherine Davis, Development and Donor Relations

“I've been trying to establish a regular meditation practice for about 15 years with little success but after  taking James' course I've now been happily meditating twice a day for almost a year. I'm sleeping better, feeling less stressed, and am noticeably happier. And my TMJ, which has been an issue for 25 years, has disappeared!”

Doug Patterson, Creative Director

"As a poster child for ADD, I’ve spent too much of my adult life thinking about what comes next and consequently missing out on the moment I’m actually in. Two twenty-minute (very relaxing, easy-to-schedule) sessions a day is a great way to cut out the noise and clear my mind. As a result, I’m getting better at recognizing – and appreciating – the important stuff again."


I don’t know about you, but I’m not fooled by people who offer something at a certain price and claim that’s actually worth hundreds, or thousands more. Like they're giving you a huge discount, when the truth is the product was never offered at that higher price. So, out of respect, I’m not going to make that pitch to you.


That’s what I think it’s worth. To give you a point of reference, people pay an average of $1000 to take one of my live courses. But the real question isn't what the course costs. It's what the benefits of learning are worth to you.

Years ago my wife and I spent about $2000 to learn to meditate with my first teacher. It was a huge amount of money at the time...and we almost didn’t do it because it was “so much.” But nothing, absolutely nothing, has had a bigger and more positive influence on my life, and our lives together as a couple, as parents, as people on this planet. Nothing. We've probably saved at least $30,000 in excess alcohol and coffee consumption alone since we learned. It was the best decision I've ever made.

On this FLOW course you’ll learn to meditate in the same easy, accessible style. Plus you’ll learn breathwork, mindfulness and visualization techniques to deepen your practice and enhance the impact on your life. And you’ll enjoy a robust program of follow-up support. All for $250. It's worth every penny.



Start the program. If after the first three lessons you find it’s not for you, or if you find my voice  or face annoying (it happens), or if you just wake up in a state of enlightenment one morning and don’t need to continue I will happily issue a full refund. (But if you end up enlightened I might ask you to share the secret.)


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