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Hello, I’m
James Brown.

(No...not that James Brown.)

I’m the meditation teacher James Brown, founder of Vedic Path Meditation in San Francisco and developer of the FLOW Meditation program. And, though it sounds a bit arrogant to say in the first person, I’m considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on this flow approach to meditation – which is funny because I used to be totally convinced that my mind, and my life, were too crazy to meditate.

But after years of flailing away at different Buddhist and mindfulness practices, trying to tame my monkey mind and perfect my posture, I discovered a way of meditating that was easier, deeper and more accessible. An ancient, Vedic practice (veda is the Sanskrit word for knowledge) in which I didn’t have to focus or sit still in uncomfortable positions. A way of meditating in which I allowed the mind to flow. And it worked. I found the practice easy to learn, easy to do and so I did it everyday. And finding a practice I could do everyday changed my life in so many ways that I decided to become a teacher so I could share what I learned with you.

So I walked away from my 25-year career as an advertising Creative Director and embarked on a two-year study program capped off with a four-month intensive in India, high in the Himalayas, studying with Vedic masters. And then I started teaching. Over the last decade I've taught thousands of busy people to meditate, and have led courses and workshops at conferences like Summit Series and the Oslo Freedom Festival, and at companies such as Bulletproof, Salesforce, Bit Torrent, Slack, VM Ware, The Battery SF, TBWA/Chiat Day, Singularity University, BBDO and others.

When I say this flow approach to meditation is perfect for people with busy, full lives I happily include myself in that category. I’m married to a wonderful woman (and wonderfully talented artist), Yvette M Brown who also meditates every day. So we speak from experience when we say this is a flexible practice that you really can make part of your life. We have two young, rambunctious boys, Logan and Joshua, and a crazy cattle-dog-coonhound mutt, Falcon, so we're always on the go. If we can make it work, you can too.

My calling is to teach this simple, easy and powerful meditation technique to as many people as possible. Perhaps you'll be one of them.

With love, James


"James' meditation practice is transformative. In just a matter of a few short weeks I feel, and other people notice, a newfound serenity about me."

Sarah Moody
CEO, Fab.cab

"When I studied with James I’d been meditating with apps like Headspace for about two years, but something important was missing. Since transitioning my practice to the Flow method I’ve experienced a measurable reduction in feelings of exasperation and feel more balanced, present, connected and alive."

Martin Tobias
CEO, Bulletproof Upgrade Labs

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